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As a Denver restaurant owner, you know the importance of providing clean and safe dining spaces for your customers. That is why PTAC cleaning should be included in your regular maintenance routine. This type of deep-cleaning process is designed to eliminate contaminants from the air within each room and can help keep both staff and guests healthy—all while ensuring optimal performance from your building’s equipment. Denver Hood Cleaning Company offers professional PTAC cleaning services that cover all areas of your restaurant, including the evaporator coils, fan blades, and drainage pans. If you need PTAC cleaning services in Denver, give us a call at (303) 816-3097!

About Denver Hood Cleaning Company

Denver Hood Cleaning Company has been providing top-notch hood cleaning services to local businesses in Denver for many years. From small restaurant hoods to large food production facilities, our experienced technicians can clean it all. We use the latest technology and safe chemical products to ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned and meet NFPA96 standards. We offer a wide range of serviecs, including restaurant vent hood cleaning, kitchen hood cleaning, rooftop grease containment, and more! Our certified technicians treat each job with the utmost care, paying attention to all details while respecting your facility and property. Quality customer service is also a priority – we make sure all the expectations of our clients are met. Call (303) 816-3097 now!

Benefits of PTAC Cleaning

Are you a restaurant owner in Denver who is looking for ways to enhance the performance of your HVAC system? PTAC cleaning may be the answer. Professional regulations and customer expectations require restaurants to have clean air systems – a task that carries its own set of challenges. Regularly-scheduled PTAC cleaning not only meets these requirements but offers far greater benefits as well. Here are just a few of the advantages associated with keeping up with your unit’s AC maintenance.

  • Improved air quality – contaminants like pollen, dust, and mold can build up in your AC; regular PTAC cleaning will rid the system of these and help reduce airborne illnesses.
  • Reduced energy consumption – a clean AC unit can run more efficiently, which means lower electricity bills for you.
  • Extended appliance life – dirt and grime can affect the performance of your system, leading to premature breakdowns.
  • Reduced health risks – keeping up on your unit’s maintenance can help ensure that all parts are in working order and operating without compromise.

When it comes to PTAC cleaning services in Denver, trust Denver Hood Cleaning Company to get the job done right. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and we guarantee that your system will be free of contaminants and meet all government-mandated standards.

PTAC Cleaning Cost

Operating a commercial building requires regular maintenance and cleaning, both for public health and regulations. One key element of keeping the building clean is the proper usage of a PTAC unit, a heating, and the cooling system typically found in hotel rooms. It is important to stay current on cleaning the PTAC system since it will help to ensure cost efficiency and air quality as time passes. Unfortunately, the cost of professionally scrubbing and cleaning the unit can be quite high; however, when done correctly, it can add years to its lifespan and maintain healthy indoor temperatures. Investing in the occasional professional cleaning is worth the expense if you want your PTAC unit to serve you well over an extended period.

PTAC Unit Maintenance

Maintaining your PTAC unit is essential to ensuring its effectiveness and maintaining energy efficiency. Properly maintaining the unit will also ensure higher standards of air quality by reducing dust, bacteria, and mold spores. If you want to get long-term performance out of your PTAC unit, regular servicing must be done to inspect and clean the interior components. Regular maintenance checks must also include changing out all filters at a minimum every two months or when necessary. It’s also important to check for any lingering moisture within the unit as this can reduce energy efficiency and increase energy bills. Taking care of your PTAC unit is an easy process that yields both short and long-term benefits, so don’t delay in making sure it’s properly maintained.

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From steam cleaning to removing grease build-up, Denver Hood Cleaning is the standout company for PTAC cleaning services. Quality and safety are at the forefront of our mission which makes them an expert in environmental designs and manufacturing needs. Contact us today at (303) 816-3097 and make sure that your commercial kitchen looks its best!

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